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While more and more organizations become aware of the benefits of moving SAP workloads to cloud they face severe challenges in terms of required quality checks with respect to performance, security and compliance, continuity, inability to do a detailed sizing exercise, inability to architect their storage configuration etc. The lack of required tools, frameworks or monitoring tools, can leave enterprises extremely vulnerable to the probability of failed migrations.

LTI, one of the very few companies to have the AWS certified SAP competency, enables organizations to achieve seamless migration with minimum downtime, by leveraging its portfolio of tools, accelerators and frameworks. These include:

  • LTI Infinity Smart Analyzer: Accelerates S/4HANA migration and analyzes its impact on the current SAP ERP (ECC) application, processes, and technical objects
  • LTI Infinity Profiler: Provides a 360-degree analysis of the SAP system across various dimensions to identify opportunities for transformation
  • LTI Infinity LAMPS: Orchestrates of end-to-end migration of SAP workloads by leveraging various automation modules for 180+ SAP functions with comprehensive insight into the migration lifecycle