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Supply Chain Resilience Assessment and Roadmap for the Future

After witnessing the current turbulence in markets due to COVID-19 and growing uncertainty about the future, leaders will be relooking and re-evaluating their existing supply chain capabilities to be resilient to disruptions. We at LTI can help organisations by carrying out accelerated assessment of current supply chain on resilience dimensions and suggest interventions to improve anticipation, resistance and recovery capabilities to achieve a higher maturity.

We follow a 4-step approach starting with assessment to finally delivering these capabilities in the organization:

  • Assess: We will assess the current supply chain under 5 resilience dimensions such as vigilance, visibility, flexibility, collaboration and agility and the current IT landscape through interviews, questionnaires and data analysis from the data collected from various systems. The challenges and existing pain points also help us in the maturity assessment of the current state.
  • Define: We define and identify gaps to understand and pursue strategic and tactical interventions based on business objectives. This is made comprehensive with a prioritised interventions list, target IT landscape and prioritised digitization road map, along with a customized resilience KPI catalogue.
  • Develop: Our unique approach includes design of MVPs to be quick at testing the envisaged solutions and evaluate the benefits delivered to the organization.
  • Deploy & monitor: We finally assist our customers to scale this solution across the organization, monitor and continuously measure resilience KPIs to realise value over time.

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