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Remote Proximity

As remote working is a ‘new normal’, providing and setting up IT for remote users with a stable environment and good performance is not only the need of the hour, but also the future beyond COVID-19. Recognizing this development, LTI is offering a tool-driven assessment designed to help simplify remote working with the right configuration and better user experience. Our best in class Assessment Methodology and Tools leveraging RapidAdopt Framework, will help enable a future-ready “work from anywhere, anytime, on any device” model.

  • Process Onboarding: We will illustrate the process, timelines, expected outcomes and share a crisp pre-assessment questionnaire
  • Stakeholder Discussions: Our consultants will conduct interviews with your subject matter experts for more inputs of duration 4-6 hours spread across a week for meetings
  • Tools Installation: Our tools will be installed on your system (with approvals) to help generate data points for the assessment
  • Deliverables: Performance dashboards and assessment report with recommendations to arrive at the right configuration for remote working

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