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Enterprise Chatbot for business automation

Enrich your user experience with Botzer the smart AI platform, that helps you automate conversational processes, providing customers with better experience, faster response and is very cost effective.

Botzer features

  • Multi Channel Integration– Botzer can be deployed across channels, be it social, web, email, voice or mobile. Provide the same level customer experience across channels.
  • Deep Learning Algorithms– Powered by Machine Learning algorithms & Neural Networks at the backend, Botzer learns from the user conversations on a daily basis, thus improving the accuracy on the go.
  • Highly evolved NLP– Powered by highly evolved NLP libraries, which allow it to interpret & respond to the complex user queries, within minimal time.
  • Own Your Data– A completely hosted solution, which is deployed in the customer account (Cloud/On-Prem). Thus your data is secure in your account.
  • Intelligent context Switching– Botzer maintains the context of the conversation with the user at multiple levels, thus ensuring the follow up responses are closest to the context of user’s conversation, embedding a high degree of personalization
  • Attest Services– You get a 24*7 support team, that maintains your infra for underlying solution deployment, with an SLA of 99.95%.

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