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Reimagining R&D Portfolio Management

Pharma companies spend years and billions of dollars in clinical development process and trails for new drugs. R&D departments also have to live with uncertainty with several projects running in paral-lel-often sharing facilities or resources between them. Timely completion of these projects is crucial to the commercialization strategies and pipeline assets’ success in order to infuse growth impetus to the long drawn drug development process.

Leni – LTI’s AI-based Virtual R&D Portfolio Manager is designed to infuse cognitive insights on the fly into the R&D function helping pharma portfolio managers assess risk of ongoing clinical trial portfolios, simulate and determine success of future clinical trials and studies and predict the success rates of trials as per schedule. All these insights are available in a matter of seconds and in an easy to digest narrative format, which aids in faster decision making and efficient allocation of resources.

With Leni’s R&D Portfolio Manager

  • Future-proof your existing and future clinal trials: De-risk current and future clinical trials studies by assessing the risks and probabilities, considering uncertain and volatile scenarios
  • Improve your resource allocation strategies: Get access to intuitive project simulations with attributes to forecast timelines, cost and budgets for more efficient resource allocation across the drug develop-ment pipeline
  • Assess your projects against competition: Benchmark against competitor studies and gain meaningful insights and comparative analysis
  • Re-imagine your portfolio management with AI-powered automation: Gain enormous savings through manhours and swift answers to manage and optimize multiple drug development portfolios

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    LTI Leni, an AI-based Virtual R&D Portfolio Manager for Pharma Companies

    LTI Leni, an AI-based Virtual R&D Portfolio Manager for Pharma Companies

    Ask Leni to

    • Understand the portfolio performance and associated risks with easy to grasp narratives
    • Compare against industry benchmarks to analyze and update resource allocation for projects in pipe-line
    • Simulate and predict future performance and risks of existing trials, based on actual performance powered by Monte Carlo simulation algorithms
    • Activate your R&D function with the true power of artificial intelligence and machine learning at your finger-tips.