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LENI for Working Capital Managers

As global pandemic rages on, the world is filled with massive dynamism. Finance executives are faced with numerous challenges to gauge the impact, preserve cash reserves and respond immediately. But, most of them do not have visibility across their operations to make informed decisions. LTI – Leni ’s new avatar – AR Intel delivers agility, efficiency and productivity benefits to CFOs and other financial stake-holders at a scale, not humanly possible.

Leni’s AR Intel is designed to rapidly infuse AI-driven insights on the fly into the accounts receivables function to help finance leaders with more efficient cash collections- freeing up much need capital in cur-rent challenging times. Leni’s AR Intel allows seamless integration with the accounts receivables, invoice as well as customer data to provide multifold advanced analysis in real-time while reducing the human intervention to a bare minimum.

With LENI for Working Capital Managers you can

  • Strengthen your accounts receivables position – Analyse time taken to collect invoices and ne-gotiate on improved payment terms
  • Analyse and compare against industry peers – Benchmark your working capital performance, track industry trends and understand key drivers
  • Improve your collection strategies – Identify best and worst performing customers to enhance collection strategies
  • Future-proof your cash collections – Measure your accounts receivables performance and fore-cast future cash receipts to plan for liquidity analysis

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Ask Leni to

– Understand the past and current accounts receivables position and benchmark against industry peers.

– Deep dive into the receivables and customer data to identify areas of high risks and potential opportu-nities

– Diagnose the trends and changes amidst current volatile conditions

– Simulate and predict the impact of crisis scenarios as the situation unfolds to diagnose current perfor-mance as well as future cash collections

– Activate your finance function with the true power of artificial intelligence and machine learning at your fingertips