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Intelligent Automation

With a majority of workforce working from home, organizations are seeing Intelligent Automation in a different light to ease the workload of employees and ensure their safety. This has led to an overnight surge for automating critical functions to ensure business continuity and speed.

In order to maximize the automation for key functions, it becomes imperative to look at business processes holistically, and look beyond the obvious levers such as RPA. LTI’s Accelerated Process Discovery and Feasibility Assessment Framework can help you prioritize use cases that can cause maximum impact on your value chain, using Intelligent Automation. With our Multi Lens approach, we can help you automate processes using multiple automation levers such as RPA, Advanced OCR, Chatbots, Workflow orchestration and more. This ensures increased RoI, immediate reduction in turnaround time (TAT) and reduces your TCO while enhancing productivity and efficiency for your workforce.

  • Process Onboarding: We will filter the processes and share a crisp pre-assessment questionnaire
  • Stakeholder Discussions: Business SoPs and Process Documentation, WebEx with the business teams for a walkthrough of processes under consideration. Our Intelligent Automation Experts will have deep-dive discussions with your subject matter experts for more inputs if needed. We may need 3-4 hours of SME time, spread over a week.
  • Deliverables: A mini-report for Intelligent Automation opportunities along with the associated complexity and technology levers that can be applied to automate the respective process areas.

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