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Integrated Emergency Workforce Management

With the natural disasters and pandemics like COVID-19, it has become imperative for organizations to be ready to tackle any unforeseen emergencies that may impact their operations & business continuity, and to keep their employees informed and well connected. Our Integrated Emergency Workforce Management system is based on ServiceNow’s Emergency Response Management application of emergency outreach, self-report & exposure management. It is well-knit framework which assemble an incident management structure to lead outbreak response and mitigate the spread and impact.

Key Benefits:

  • Automating and streamlining activities which will strengthen the communication within employees
  • Keeping employees informed about the situation in-hand spread awareness
  • Creating an emergency response team within the organization
  • Tracking employee health status during emergencies
  • Help minimizing employee movement in the affected areas and prevent further exposures.

ServiceNow Offerings:

  • Emergency Staff Report – Empower employees to voluntarily report health status Enable Managers to track team health & delegate tasks assigned from affected individuals to other team members
  • Emergency Exposure Management – Create Health Diagnostic reports from affected employees & depict possible exposures within the organization
  • Emergency Outreach – Notify employees of important information for an anticipated or confirmed health emergency
  • Emergency Response Operation – Create an emergency incident to assign & track field resources for an emergency

LTI Offerings:

  • Fast Track Deployment – Quickly Setup Emergency Response Applications for clients already on Service Now’s Madrid release or above. Configure emergency response hierarchy
  • Integrated Health Dashboard – Project health data across the organization into a centralized dashboard for easier tracking and follow up. Help HR Groups/ COVID Task Forces manage and track organizational data through real-time drillable dashboards to get a quick overview of current state and take necessary measures.
  • Custom Solution – Offer a custom solution for customers on ServiceNow versions below Madrid to achieve similar functionalities through customized workflow approach. Enable similar dashboarding on custom solution to get a better all-round view of organization health status data.

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