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Pandemic Analytics for Employee Wellness

Enterprises world over are confronting daunting challenges because of the economic crisis triggered by the outbreak of novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. One of the longest growth cycles in the history is interrupted abruptly by this unanticipated public health crisis. Companies across sectors are facing unforeseen problems that were not factored in their business continuity plans. Business are scrambling to ensure continuity in the wake of this crisis, and at the same time, striving to learn lessons from this crisis for future operations.

LTI’s Pandemic Analytics solution leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to fetch and analyze data from various internal & external data sources. It helps in the analysis of Covid-19 pandemic to generate operational insights that could be used in creating more effective strategies to combat the crisis. We believe to emerge stronger enterprises need to assess impact and ensure employee wellness

In the event of catastrophes, the major operational challenge faced by any enterprise is readiness of resources for business as usual. LTI’s solutions helps to analyze the impact of Covid-19 on enterprise’s most valuable asset – People.

Employee Experience

It weighs very heavily on employees during such trying times, where they must manage work and life both and balance it off evenly without impacting deliverables.

The solution can promptly help mitigate on ground challenges of employees with in-depth analysis of employee feedback on their work from home experiences on:

  • Challenges / Activities / Improvements
  • Who is having What kind of Emotions
  • Inherent cause for Specific Lexicons
  • Can the organization help mitigate remotely


Using psychometrics, the solution can clearly understand the challenges faced at an employee level and thus help organizations to provide mitigating steps and coaching to employees to overcome the crisis, both mentally and operationally.

With the feedback data collected online – organizations can:

  • Analyze the response provided by the employees – bifurcated into emotions such as positive & negative feelings such as anger, anticipation, trust etc.
  • Visualize the whole concept on graphs and charts which helps in arriving at the summary of emotions

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