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Data Privacy

Appropriate safeguards to manage data privacy and information security are of prime importance, as business needs evolve rapidly. Real-time visibility on how data flows across systems can help organizations protect themselves from leakage of confidential data, which would otherwise lead to severe regulatory breaches.

We offer you a complimentary Automated Data Discovery Scan and an Assessment Workshop

  • Onboarding: Our experts will conduct a readiness assessment and advise you on which areas should be focused on for data discovery scan.
  • Automated Data Discovery Scan: LTI’s PrivateEye is an automated data discovery solution that helps to classify, discover and label personal data across various systems to uncover how data is stored and managed in its lifecycle. This can help uncover gaps in people, process and technology on your journey towards data privacy compliance.
    • Automated PI Data discovery and classification for structured and unstructured data types
    • AI/ ML assisted algorithms
    • Intuitive dashboard for risk analysis
    • Cost saving of >70% due to automated scanning
  • Assessment Workshop: Based on the data discovery scan results, our data privacy technology experts will conduct discussions with key stakeholders to list any potential data privacy risks and provide recommendations accordingly.
  • Deliverables: Data discovery scan report, list of recommendations and a roadmap to enhance your Data Privacy program.

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