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Cloud Governance

To maximize the outcomes of a global cloud-first strategy, enterprise architecture and compliances must be evaluated periodically. This is necessary to remain up-to-date with the rapid pace of innovation and everchanging compliance requirements.

LTI’s platform helps enterprises on effective governance with its three key pillars:

  • Well Architected Review: Audits current cloud architecture based on 5 key parameters of Cost, Security, Reliability, Performance and Operations
  • Compliance Checks: Audits cloud setup for industry compliances such as – GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CIS, MAS
  • Advanced Cost Analytics: Account by services used, users, applications, duration, and various other relevant parameters

  • Process Onboarding: For Environment Analysis, we will need installation of LTI application discovery tool within your on-prem infrastructure setup or remote read-only access.
  • Virtual Immersion session: Based on data collected and reports generated, our cloud consultants will conduct detailed interviews with stakeholders to understand business requirements and application dependencies.
  • Deliverables: A well-architected audit report, Security compliance, Cost insights and recommendations.

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