The power of Cloud helped leading global enterprises achieve amplified outcomes in their business transformation. Unlock the limitless potential of Cloud with LTI’s engineering solutions on Cloud-native platforms.

Platform Tooling

Enabling 40% reduction in tickets and 25% productivity increase for a top chip manufacturer.

Making Customer Experience Seamless

Deploying a cloud self-service platform for faster time-to-market for a global financial services group.

Fleet Efficiency

Enabling 80% downtime reduction for a Scandinavian commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Transforming Sourcing & Contract Management

Re-hosting enterprise-wide platform with increased stability and storage for a leading CPG player.

Empowered a Global Energy Storage Provider to become a Modern, Scalable Organization

LTI’s app portfolio modernization helps drive down operational overheads by 40% for global energy firm.

Implemented a Greenfield Cloud Modernization Project for an Indian Insurance Unicorn

Indian Insurer multiplies performance by 5X by deploying core insurance apps on the cloud.

Enabled a US Wealth Management Firm Seamlessly Scale and Digitalize its Wealth Management Proposal System

Rebuilding the digital core to drive a 20% increase in proposal wins, and a 25% reduction in TAT.

Enabled Digital Transformation and ServerlessImplementation of the Customer Portal for an American Utility Company

LTI developed a unique customer portal for seamless bill payments that ensured 60% faster on-time payments.

Helped Optimize Data Center Costs fora Leading American Air-Conditioning Solutions Company

Optimized resource utilization and migrated data centers to the cloud deliver a 20% reduction in annual cloud spends.

Cloud Self-Service Portal with a Central Marketplace for Top US-based Financial Services Firm

To provide seamless customer experience, LTI helped a leading US-based bank with automated, cloud-based solution leveraging a Central Marketplace.


Explore how LTI helped global enterprises bet big on data power. Build a data-driven decision ecosystem for business context and intelligence to achieve quantum leaps in business transformation.

LTI's Leni In Action

De-risking the time-to-market for a global pharma major's R&D division.

Business Ops

Streamlining e-commerce portfolio insights and opportunities for a CPG major.

Making Your Working Capital Work for You

Empowering finance leaders to build disruptive, agile solutions to deal with uncertainties.

Developing Next-Gen Analytics Ecosystems

Enabling 90% efficiency and increased revenues for a global battery manufacturer.

Enabling Data-Driven Growth

Top US tech MNC realizes $30 bn in revenues with a superior data & analytics platform.

Unlocking the Potential of the Data Marketplace

Building a Data Marketplace for a global pharma giant to integrate siloed tech & data.

Streamlining Commercial Ops for Superior Efficiency

Enabling AI-powered anomaly detection for a global pharma major.

Transforming CX with Smart Document Search

Empowering a Swedish lawn care equipment firm to overcome document search challenges.

Redesigning Service Excellence

Lowering alert fatigue for 60% reduced incidents for a US-based mass media major.

Delivering Connected Solutions for Enhanced Performance

Redefining service business model for a leading elevator manufacturer.

AI-driven Digital Application for Higher Patient Centricity

Helping a top medical OEM develop an always-on engagement model for sleep disorder patients.

Solving The ‘Last Mile' Challenges with Data Power

Empowering a top FMCG company with actionable data for smarter decision-making.

Powering TUEsdays

Don’t just play; change the game. Supercharge your competitive edge with best-in-class industry-specific cloud and data solutions, on cutting-edge tech and innovative strategies to achieve the extraordinary.

Cloud Advisory

Get your cloud adoption strategy right from Day 1 with our expert cloud readiness assessment services. Optimize your cloud setup for best practices in cost, security, and architecture.

Migrate & Transform on Cloud

Adopt the factory model of migration to accelerate your cloud migration process. modernize your applications during the migration phase by adopting PaaS platforms including containers, serverless, microservices.

Build for Cloud

Greenfield Cloud-native business solution design to implementation service. Serverless apps, Service Mesh and 12 Factor apps on Containers, End to end PaaS solutions, Cloud-native Integration, Low Code / No Code Apps.

DevOps on Cloud

Automate your CI/CD pipeline by adopting Cloud-native devops tools, migrate to container platform or standardize your release process with configuration management templates.

The 4 Ops on Cloud

Manage your cloud availability with CloudOps, control your costs with FinOps, handle deployments with DevOps and monitor security with SecOps. Dedicated and shared support models with 99.99% SLA.

Optimize on Cloud

Derive efficiencies of cost, operations, and security from your cloud operations. Leverage our best-in-class optimization solutions to enable cloud monitoring to identify all critical security gaps. Re-architect your environment for maximum efficiency, right-sizing your workloads, and ensuring service provision meets demand.

Machine Learning Simplified

Build, train, deploy, and manage an intuitive and simplified AI/ML portfolio at enterprise scale for a seamless, personalized "build-to-run" transition with Mosaic AI.

Optimized and Simplified Modern Data Engineering on Cloud

Accelerate enterprise cloud journey by harnessing valuable data for actionable insights from your hyper-distributed data at Speed & at Scale using Mosaic Decisions.

Uncover Insights from Unstructured Data

Mine Content and Knowledge from documents and images for improved decisions and process automation with LTI's intelligent document understanding platform Mosaic Agnitio.

Intelligent Enterprise IT Operations

With Mosaic AIOps, our next-gen IT operations platform, achieve unparalleled operational efficiency by leveraging our purpose-built and contextual AI engines.

Democratize Decision Intelligence

Cut the chase to informed decision making with AI-powered investigative search, advanced analysis and autonomous insights, all delivered via self-serve mode, by LTI Leni.

Re-imagine “Netflix for Data”

Build a cognitive discovery solution for the enterprise with an intuitive and contextual interface for a personalized experience with Mosaic Catalog.

Getting Ahead
Staying Ahead

Resources that give insights on solving critical challenges and transforming operations to “Get Ahead and Stay Ahead”, and be an Unlimited Enterprise

The Forrester Tech Tide™: Enterprise Business Insights And Analytics

This report helps you shape investment approach to technologies that will enable turning raw data into actionable insights.

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Investigate to Innovate

AI-powered investigative intelligence with free-form data exploration capability, contextual insights, and simplified narratives for complex analyses, delivered in self-service mode.

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