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Business Process Automation

See how we transformed the business operations of a Swedish vehicle manufacturer, through Robotic Process Automation, achieving productivity improvements and real-time operational visibility of critical business KPIs.

Digital Transformation

See how we transformed the Manufacturing Quality Information System for an Automotive OEM, standardizing their processes and procedures across sites, achieving zero usability variance and faster decision making.

Experience Transformation

Learn how we digitized a cumbersome digging approval process with an Augmented Reality solution, that allowed the technicians to efficiently locate pipelines leveraging wearable sensors and hands-free operation, enabling instant approvals through service management integration.

Portfolio Modernization

Learn how we helped a global automobile and corporate jet manufacturer to reduce its large IT footprint and operational costs by assessing and implementing key initiatives to transform their IT landscape.

Empowering Customer Experiences

Learn how we helped an Automotive OEM handle recalls, provided seamless integration with their CRM & MES systems, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction with low operational costs.

Consulting for Digital Transformation

Transformed manual operations underwriting procedures into a digital ecosystem, drastically reducing the manual interventions

Experience Transformation

We build a modern inhouse platform for a client to enable better brand visibility, and simplifying customer onboarding

Digitizing the Core

Cultivating digital mindset, how we helped client by upscaling 30% of the existing talent pool

Experience Transformation

Acquire, engage and convert clients into loyal customer, by enabling compelling customer experience

Agile Transformation

With enterprise agility as the core theme, learn how we powered a risk brokerage firm with increased velocity, early ROI and reduced risk and cost

Cloud and Infrastructure

Discover how we modernized the database architecture of an Insurance firm leading to a 50% improvement in its application performance and response rate

Digital Transformation

Learn how we implemented a digital transformation solution for a leading reinsurance brokerage firm with a goal to achieve greater customer satisfaction


Mosaic platform to help a leading global research and advisory firm monetize its historic consulting and benchmarking data

Cognitive and Analytics

Supporting a fortune 50 company in their transformation journey from being data-driven to a self-driven


Solved for a leading media company, augmenting its capabilities to take better decisions & amplify business outcomes