At LTI, we follow a unique approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. At the organizational level, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment, as well as on our organization’s sustainability. At an individual level too we endeavor to make a difference, with all our employees making meaningful contributions to the community through our CSR initiative – 1Step.

Our social initiatives help empower communities through programs focused on bringing about a positive change. With a dedicated team of volunteers, we help enhance the skills of marginalized youth and women, improve the quality of education for children of marginalized communities, provide special education and skills for the physically and intellectually challenged people, and address the critical issue of environment conservation. Our projects help promote sustainable community development, with a commitment to promote the cause of creating a more inclusive society.

Through our initiatives, we wish to ensure that our employees, who are an integral part of the 1Step initiative, grow as complete individuals. Our efforts are focused on shaping them into true leaders, capable of driving change, rising above the situation, and most importantly, developing a holistic perspective toward life.

CSR Policy Framework

CSR Policy Framework

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