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Shaping the Future in the Post-pandemic World Through Touchless ERP

In the middle of current adversity, where human mobility is severely impacted, one can witness a dramatic shift in the way the businesses will function in the future. Whether it’s the need to ramp up production of hand sanitizer or convert automotive plants to produce more Ventilators, manufacturers are under pressure now more than ever before to do more with less. All of this points to the urgent need to re-look at the cost-effective, agile way we are working today and adopt “Touchless ERP” thereby bringing more safety to the extent possible.

Daily business with Touchless Digitization:

LTI, through their in depth understanding of different industries and long and acclaimed experience in Oracle ERP has devised an approach and execution strategy to realize the vision of a ‘Touchless ERP’ [TERP].

The concept of Touchless ERP (TERP) is realized through the implementation of connected devices, touchless digitization, embedded Machine Learning, Digital Analytics and conversational applications to deliver a “new way of working” for users. Their collective outcome delivers automation of the injection, reception, and processing of data, and delivery of output. This is further extended to ‘analytics’ to cater to the requirements of specific roles and persona. The entire cycle is kept constantly agile through a series of interventions, resulting in an Intelligent Enterprise.

Join our joint webinar with Quest Oracle Community for answers

Join us in a webinar aimed at delivering a positive outlook towards its possibilities, role as an ‘outcome enabler’ and an elaborate explanation on the approach for practical execution.

If you are the one looking to Modernize-Optimize-Digitize your core systems, we at LTI – a Preferred partner of Oracle – have the truly innovative capabilities, experience and expertise to transform your business and give you the much-needed competitive advantage.


Rohit Kedia
Chief Business Officer, MFG, LTI

Santosh Borse
Area Vice President & Sales Head, Oracle, LTI