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Transition Program Management

Large-scale transitions – be it outsourcing to a vendor or transitioning the current enterprise IT from single-speed to multi-speed – are all complex and risk-laden, and need professional transition managers who understand all dimensions of the transition process. These experts are skilled at identifying the various complexities and risks, and are able to mitigate them when the need arises.

With transitions now involving people and system movement from an older IT organization to a newer one, the involvement and continuous communication to various stakeholders is also a critical factor for a smooth and successful transition, things which a professional transition manager is trained and experienced in doing.

LTI’s Transition Center of Excellence (CoE) provides senior IT professionals with large-scale transition experience, along with the mindset required for program managing such a change in the client’s enterprise IT.

Transition CoE also equips Transition Managers with the required set of tools, templates and frameworks, specifically created to manage all aspects of large-scale transitions, thus ensuring that the changes are program-managed in an effective and efficient manner.

Key Benefits

  • Professional transition management by experts.
  • Identification and mitigation of risks across all dimensions of transition.
  • Organizational Change Management.
  • Program management of transition, with professional tools and frameworks.
  • Comprehensive, accurate and timely communication to various stakeholders.
  • Tight control on schedule and cost, for transition across teams and geographies.
  • Project teams freed up from responsibilities of transition can focus on other important tasks.