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Tools and Automation

Your business processes are only as effective as the quality of the software applications that implement them. During the course of over two decades of working with global enterprises, LTI has realized that software quality (and not just system functionality testing alone) is critical to user experience, business efficiency and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of systems.

LTI uses software quality assessment and automation tools throughout the software engineering lifecycle. These tools help assess and enhance application quality from a maintainability, performance, security & architecture perspective, which ultimately leads to delivering world-class software applications, which are the backbone of your business.

Tools such as these also proactively ensure that all the best practices in application engineering are adhered to by the development, testing and operations teams, as the code moves through the delivery pipeline into the production environment.

Using these tools, LTI teams identify the problem spots, and take the necessary actions to rectify the current weaknesses so that software application becomes more readable, maintainable, extensible, and robust from security and architecture viewpoints.

Key Benefits

  • Software quality assessment and enhancement on various parameters.
  • Maintainable, extensible and robust application & product software.
  • Vulnerability assessment and software security enhancement.
  • Software architecture assessment and enhancement.
  • Automated software documentation for faster on-boarding of resources, and handover.
  • Enforcement of coding standards and best practices throughout the SDLC.