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Outsourced Product Development

Product Engineering is software engineering with a lot more rigour, speed and complexity. LTI, with its vast pool of full-stack developers, product engineering technical leads and architects, is well-versed in delivering software products with great speed and of the optimal quality.

We also believe that product engineering needs to move beyond its traditional ways and means to what we call Product Engineering 2.0. This means building your software product with an automated DevOps pipeline, leveraging latest software engineering tools and platforms and e.g. building micro-services instead of monoliths, leveraging digital technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, AI/ML and Big Data Analytics at every stage of product engineering, and doing this with “two-pizza teams”.

LTI also has significant experience and expertise in developing cloud-native software products on well-known platforms such as Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, Pivotal and IBM Bluemix, as well as in migrating software products to these platforms so that the same ‘product’ can now be offered to a wider market in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Key Benefits

  • Readily available pool of full-stack developers for accelerating product development.
  • Additional bandwidth for product sustenance and professional services for enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Design Thinking and UX-led engineering of software products for exceptional experience.
  • Product-oriented QA, with additional focus on performance, security, availability, cross-device and cross-platform testing.
  • Product Modernization – Leveraging Cloud, Mobility, Cognitive and Data Analytics.
  • Faster and better innovation, with greater speed of R&D and prototyping.
  • Agile and DevOps adoption, for continuous delivery of product versions with quality.