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Multi-Speed ADM

As IT organizations struggle to overcome the twin challenges of digital disruption and heightened customer and business expectations, they are increasingly faced with the conundrum of how to increase the pace of Application Development and Maintenance (ADM), while maintaining stability in their core systems.

At LTI, we understand the changing needs of today’s businesses. Our extensive two-decade long working experience with enterprise IT organizations of top global companies, has empowered us to bring to our clients a solution that enables them to stay ahead in today’s dynamic marketplace. We recommend to you our ‘Multi-Speed ADM Approach’, built to cater to the rising demands of every unique business, its market and its IT organization, and where there is no scope for a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

As part of our Multi-Speed ADM engagement, LTI’s senior consultants use proven tools and techniques to assess your IT landscape, and identify systems of Record, Differentiation, Innovation, etc. This classification is then used to chart out a differentiated roadmap, which is used by our development teams to transform your IT into a well-oiled engine whose different parts move at different speeds. Together, these deliver outstanding user and partner experiences, while maintaining security and reliability for your core systems.

Key Benefits

  • Transformation of Enterprise IT into an accelerated, digital platform for delivering outstanding business value.
  • Accurate and differentiated roadmap toward a multi-speed IT organization.
  • Proprietary tools, templates and frameworks for assessment of the IT landscape.
  • Transformation of IT organization, along with application and infrastructure rationalization.
  • Automated DevOps-based delivery pipeline, built during transformation.
  • User Interface enhancement, adoption of digital technologies.
  • High speed delivery of user-facing systems, and high reliability and security for core systems.
  • Monetization of valuable functionality and data in core systems, leveraging the API economy.