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Cloud-Based Rapid Prototyping Lab

For all IT organizations, big or small, it is becoming increasingly challenging to quickly create innovative solutions, which will provide differentiated experiences to end-users, thus giving the business an edge in the market and the ability to battle competition in an era where time-to-market is paramount. LTI offers its clients a cloud-based prototyping lab, where clients’ IT teams can rapidly develop and deploy prototypes of solutions that they intend to take to the market. This allows the teams to focus on innovation instead of spending valuable time and effort in creating the environments necessary to do the required experimentation.

Key Benefits

  • Readymade environment to quickly create prototypes of innovative solutions.
  • Public cloud-based, hence reduces cost to the minimum.
  • A variety of software and technology stacks to choose from.
  • Secure by design.
  • Fast set-up and tear-down for individual stacks.
  • Multiple, geographically dispersed teams can work simultaneously.