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Vulnerability Orchestration Automation Remediation Service

Enterprises today must have the right blend of people, processes and tools to protect themselves against ever increasing sophisticated cyber-attacks. This is a must to pre-empt cybersecurity threats to stay ahead of sophisticated threat actors. Vulnerability lifecycle management is a critical cog in the wheel for enterprises to achieve the right stage of cyber resiliency.

Despite having a proper vulnerability management program and sophisticated tools in place, most enterprises often find it difficult to identify, respond, remediate and apply the right patches in time, to these vulnerabilities. The key challenges include alert fatigue due to high volume of non-prioritized vulnerabilities, lack of automation, lack of skilled resources and increasing cost of managing security operations.

LTI’s Vulnerability Orchestration and Remediation (VOAR) service solves these challenges for customers by integrating the right mix of automation and contextualization to the traditional process of vulnerability management.

Key tenets of our Vulnerability Orchestration Automation Remediation (VOAR) offering include:

  • Vulnerability Contextualization and Management
  • ITSM Integration
  • Vulnerability Automation and Response
  • Automated Patch Management

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced security control with single pane of glass visibility
  • Purpose build, easy to deploy and scale
  • Optimized cost of security operations
  • Enhanced efficiency with the right mix of people, process and automation

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