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LTI’s Threat & Vulnerability Management Service (TVM)

Today, organizations require a constant vigil to assess technical vulnerabilities of the business assets within the context of the underlying threats, and manage the gaps to minimize the possibility of malicious exploitation. The technical landscape of business assets includes various applications, databases, operating systems, network infrastructure, and all other relevant solutions, whether on cloud or in the physical environment.

The Threat & Vulnerability Management (TVM) program endeavors to reduce the attack surface exposed to the adversary. The program should be designed to ensure asset discovery, vulnerability identification, false positive removal, false negative identification, risk rating mapping & prioritization, and remediation plan creation.

LTI’s Integrated Threat & Vulnerability Management Service offers a mature approach to meet these objectives. The service provides a continuous program, and is delivered via a mix of onshore and off-shore models, including the managed service option, as needed.

Key Highlights

  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) to ensure the application is secure from external / internal attacker point-of-view
  • Accelerated security test delivery through intelligent solutions
  • Improved coordinated efforts to close vulnerabilities and roll out remediation actions
  • CERT-In Empaneled for IT Security Auditing, and CREST Accredited for Penetration Testing
  • Enhanced security using red teaming service to prevent, detect and respond to real-world incidents
  • Mitigation of risk at an early stage, by performing a security code review

Key Benefits

  • Strong and comprehensive vulnerability management program
  • Security assurance for new technology launches
  • Effective compliance management
  • Effective prioritization of critical vulnerabilities and the corresponding action items

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