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LTI’s Threat Detection Service

Cybersecurity challenges are evolving continuously, and organizations are not completely prepared for these instances. In fact, organizations lack visibility and situational awareness across network perimeters and endpoints. Many of the available security solutions are point solutions that are incongruent, and provide no correlation or a single view of events. In addition, cyber-attacks now-a-days are more focused and sophisticated, with new emerging attack vectors having the potential to cause financial, data and reputational loss in case of an attack.

LTI’s fully managed and cloud-based Cyber Defense Resiliency Center (CDRC) provides monitoring, alert management, incident reporting, incident response, and governance through its single pane of glass. CDRC helps organizations stay ahead of cyber criminals through its threat detection service, to detect and respond to today’s most advanced threats in a timely fashion, and on a 24×7 basis.

This service helps organizations to quickly and efficiently detect threats, with the help of predefined use cases and integrated threat intelligence feeds. The predefined use cases help yield early benefits for organizations, by reducing false positives, thus enabling analysts and IT teams to focus on the remediation of real threats.

Key Highlights

  • Provides 24×7 support from different locations across geographies.
  • Data enrichment done through multiple threat intelligence feeds.
  • Single and integrated view of events available across security solutions.
  • Supports custom log source integration.
  • Established use case framework to fine-tune and enrich use cases.

Key Benefits

  • Availability of faster onboarding of assets, and delivery of early benefits through predefined content pack.
  • Cost-effective service, leveraging shared service delivery model.
  • Provides single pane of glass, a cybersecurity portal that views the overall status and security posture.
  • Effective and focused attention on real threats by reducing false positives.
  • Provides offline and online log storage for audit and compliance requirements.

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