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NextGen Microservices

In current scenario, enterprises are looking for optimization and Microservices are the perfect fit. Microservices provide the standalone solutions and are easy-to-scale independently. Microservices can be deployed easily and are most cost effective as well.

Advanced Threat & Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Orchestration Automation Remediation Service

This offering provides automated vulnerability management and remediation capability and enables enterprises to manage and remediate vulnerabilities with Zero Slippage

Third Party Risk Management  as a service

Third Party Risk Management as-a-service

The program covers policies, processes, people, tools and technologies used by third parties in a holistic manner and ensure that any vulnerabilities in these areas do not pose risk to the organization

Cyber Risk Management  as a service

Cyber Risk Management as-a-service

This service provides full spectrum risk-based vulnerability management, risk scoring as well as visibility into enterprise assets, applications, and the associated attack surface

Breach Attack Simulation as a service

Breach Attack Simulation as-a-service

This platform addresses real user behavior, poor IT hygiene and security exploits to expose the most critical blind spots

DevSecOps  as a service

DevSecOps as-a-service

This service provides security services right from the start till the end of DevOps pipeline

DevSecOps  as a service

Integrated Risk Management Service powered by ServiceNow

The service helps organizations to have real time monitoring of compliance status to all applicable regulatory/law/policy/standards, automate risk assessments

Cyber Defense

Threat Intel as a Service

Threat Intel as-a-service

This platform contains hundreds of different techniques, which consider thousands of attack scenarios, and even these are being constantly updated.

Threat Hunting as a Service

Threat Hunting as-a-service

This service provides real-time visibility into threats, and accurate & actionable events to monitor & remediate threats on a timely basis.

Digital Identity and Governance

Segregation Of Duties as-a-service

Segregation Of Duties as-a-service

The platform provides on-demand continuous Segregation of Duty assessment , detects violations and identifies risk and control deficiencies with out of the box security controls.

Cloud Defense

Segregation Of Duties as-a-service

Enterprise Cloud Security (ECS) Service

The solution enables businesses to manage their multi/hybrid cloud environment and navigate cloud transformation journey in a secured & accelerated manner with its comprehensive, single pane of glass visualization capability