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Identity Governance

Organizations globally face constant threats in the form of internal frauds & breaches riding over and using weak access mechanisms, impersonation, lack of integrated identity governance, and inadequate authorization. Be it privileged accounts or internal users with critical workflow roles, it becomes extremely crucial to enforce authorization and monitor activities such that organizations achieve the desired levels of compliance, and protect their assets from unauthorized access and modifications.

LTI’s Digital Identity Platform incorporates identification, authentication and authorization, and coupled with advanced monitoring & analytics engines, offers comprehensive protection from unauthorized access and modifications. This ensures that while the approved users have the necessary access to perform their jobs, unauthorized users are kept away from sensitive resources and information.

Through LTI’s Digital Identity Analytics and Orchestration Platform, enterprises can realize tangible business value, including increased operational efficiency, orchestration, robust security, simplified regulatory compliance, and enhanced employee & customer satisfaction.

Key Highlights

  • Integration of disparate security tools & technologies under one roof, thus providing a single view of identity.
  • Extensible and scalable architecture.
  • Analytics-based risk management framework.
  • Integration with ITSM frameworks.
  • RPA for process optimization and incident management.
  • Support for IoT & Blockchain.
  • Event-based reviews and attestations.
  • User & device behavior analysis.
  • Logging and monitoring through a single window.

Key Benefits

  • Orchestration of security tools & technologies.
  • Identity profiling & remediation.
  • Effective risk management.
  • Dynamic remediation.
  • Compliance against standard & regulatory requirements.

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