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IoT Security

Internet of Things (IoT), often referred to as the Internet of Threats, has been a game-changer in the way systems have and will communicate with one another. With an increasing number of devices being connected by the day, the threats and targeted attacks on IoT ecosystem have been on an exponential upsurge.

The enormity of the IoT wave has been accentuated by the variety of systems, including the once closed Industrial Control Systems (ICS), which are now joining the connected ecosystem bandwagon. Enterprises are exposed to a gamut of threats and data privacy concerns, which have to be addressed through an integrated suite of security initiatives fine-tuned to IoT.

LTI’s security services, designed to protect the IoT ecosystem, are detailed below

Delivery Models

  • Consulting
  • Program Implementation & Rollout
  • Managed Operations

Key Differentiators

  • Strong understanding of the underlying technology context in the Industrial and Consumer IoT space.
  • Expertise in IT – OT Security Convergence.
  • Strategic partnership with emerging, as well as leading solution providers for IoT.

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