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Data Security & Privacy

Data, an enterprise’s most strategic asset in the digital world, often loses importance in the myriad of information security / technology solutions. With data explosion and decentralization, fueled by cloud adoption, enterprises must realign their focus on data, and put in place a holistic program for its protection.

Data, by its very nature, changes forms and criticality levels, from genesis to disposal, with multiple internal and external stakeholders requiring access. And force-fitting a technology solution for such a diverse data ecosystem is a challenge that enterprises constantly grapple with.

LTI’s Data Security services are focused on data as the primary asset encompassing its lifecycle, aimed at offering end-to-end protection to the clients’ enterprise data.

Delivery Models

  • Design & Consulting in project mode.
  • Program Implementation & Rollout of solutions in project mode.
  • Managed operations onshore / offshore.

Key Differentiators

  • Expertise on Data Lifecycle Management.
  • In-depth understanding of comprehensive protection mechanisms.
  • Tightly integrated with GRC to address business and compliance requirements.

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