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LTI’s Cyber Risk Management Service

New network and application vulnerabilities are emerging daily, along with an ever-increasing attack surface area that must be protected. The quantity and diversity of vulnerabilities is making it difficult for organizations to thoroughly and promptly manage risk exposure. Quantification of cyber risks at infrastructure and application-level can help organizations reduce these breaches by proactively prioritizing on what matters more, rather than trying to solve all the vulnerability problems in one go. Enterprises can prioritize remediation efforts by inculcating the concept of risk scoring for every asset and application. LTI’s Cyber Risk Management Service provides full spectrum risk-based vulnerability management, risk scoring as well as visibility into enterprise assets, applications and the associated attack surface.

Attack prediction has been one of the long-standing challenges of information security. Most security teams are overwhelmed with the volume of live threats and anticipating what attackers will do in the future seems impossible. LTI’s Cyber Risk Management Service combines new analytical models and real-world threat intelligence to enable security teams to accurately predict and prioritize attacks, and act on critical business exposure based on the highest risk impact vulnerabilities that attackers will target even before they are used in the wild. This allows forward-looking security teams to take a proactive approach to security that doesn’t wait on the attacker to punch first. LTI’s Cyber Risk Management service is a quick start activity and is scalable and flexible.

Key Highlights:

  • Contextual and quantified risk-based score at organization level, business level, technology level, geo level, host /application level etc.
  • A unified and continuous view of your cyber security posture in a single pane of glass
  • Clearer visibility into the cyber risk exposure and threats relevant to the organization’s infrastructure assets and applications
  • AI-driven threat analytics by correlating internal security intelligence and external threat data feeds
  • Prioritized remediation advisory for vulnerabilities
  • Automated workflows in the VM domain through integrations with ticketing solution etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Aggregate vulnerability data and view exposure across infrastructure and applications
  • Customizable and drillable dashboard with a view of risk scores across assets and applications, threats, vulnerabilities, open/ closed issues, remediation advisories, trend analytics etc. can be aligned to various stakeholder’s requirement
  • Continuous quantified risk scoreview of every infrastructure asset and application level in the organization based on vulnerability, threat, exposure, business criticality etc.
  • Allows organizations to focus on what threats are relevant leading to proactive security measures
  • Enables prioritized remediation and automated ticketing workflows leading to faster turnaround, allowing teams to track remediation tickets till closure
  • Turns discrete time-consuming tasks into automated processes

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