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Advance Threat and Vulnerability Management Service

Cyber threats and privacy issues are on the rise, feeding on the ongoing disruptive technological advancements. Syndicates of skilled & sophisticated rogue hackers target organizations to exploit vulnerabilities and make unethical gains, often jeopardizing their business. Threats evolve constantly, targeting an increasing number of organizations, while becoming more prevalent and high-profile. Attackers today are patient, persistent, and sophisticated, and attack not only technology, but also people and processes.

Before an organization designs & deploys its risk management framework, it needs to cover some ground rules. It should find means for real-time visibility and ensure prompt mitigation of cyber risks. Individual cyber security reports must be interpreted effectively, and a dashboard view of the overall cyber risk being faced by the organization must be made available. The organization must also determine if it can prioritize risk & mitigation tasks, identify the Top 10 risks, gauge if hacking can be simulated to check preparedness, and check if the insurance premium can be reduced.

At LTI, we offer real-world solutions to address all concerns and requirements that enhance customer experience and improve cyber risk management. Our ATVM service is powered by a platform integrating internal vulnerability intelligence with external threat intelligence, accumulated from various security solutions and sources, across the global cyber security landscape. With the Advanced Threat and Vulnerability Management service from LTI, organizations can achieve the desired objective of real-time risk tracking, prioritization and mitigation.

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  • Ensures information security of application with respect to confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) to ensure the application is secure from external / internal attacker point of view
  • Ensures compliance requirements are met, and vulnerabilities are fixed, by revalidating the issues
  • Experience with red teaming service, to enhance your security team’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to real-world incidents
  • Red Team Assessment helps identify weaknesses in organizations, which can leverage attackers to steal / destroy / impact critical data
  • Knowledge across domains to fully support risk & compliance efforts, with cost effectiveness
  • Mitigates risk at an early stage by performing security code review
  • Provides fixes to close vulnerabilities, and ensures the application is reasonably secure as per business requirements
  • Business-friendly dashboard, consolidating risks as per various business units


  • Strong and comprehensive vulnerability management program, covering on-premise and cloud infrastructure, digital environment, complex web & non-web applications, and IoT environment
  • Centralized historical knowledge repository of vulnerabilities for your organization
  • Accelerated security test delivery through intelligent solution
  • A view on the overall security ROI, along with the overall current security posture
  • Enterprise-wide risk management program, with BU-specific risk prioritization