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Cyber Defense Resiliency Service

In the era of constant increase in cyber threats, every organization is facing a tough balance between safeguarding their technical assets and pursuing business growth strategies. Often, it is seen that organizations spend little to none before jumping on the growth bandwagon (proactive) only to realize that they are paying more in the post breach/incident expenses (reactive). However, they are still validating the effectiveness of spending millions of dollars after setting up security infrastructure wherein some threat actors somehow, somewhere sneak in delivering a crushing blow – compromising the transaction servers, stealing data, ransoming critical users or simply flooding email servers or network.

LTI has been at a forefront in resolving all their client’s challenges by innovatively creating solutions curated to every possible environment. By embracing LTI’s active Cyber Defense Resiliency Solutions, our clients and end customers have realized many benefits among which few are echoed across –

  • Cost avoidance – Proactive monitoring and preparedness have saved millions for our clients by fewer breaches and lower cost of recovery.
  • Predictive IT operations – Secured systems give predictability on IT scale and operations supporting business growth strategies.
  • Reduced risk score – Mitigated risks to acceptable levels based on each organization’s appetite and tolerance levels.
  • Enhanced visibility – Macro level view or organizational risk posture to individual asset vulnerabilities in a single platform.

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    Our Offerings


    Managed Security Services

    Provides a comprehensive cyber security framework at your organization. With ambitious SLAs and measurable KPIs, LTI is committed to act as your strategic cyber security partner and ensure your security framework remains resilient to latest cyber threats

    NextGen Micro Services

    Provides stand alone services that can be deployed independently to your organization cyber security framework

    Consulting and Transformation Services

    Provides strategic & tactical expert advisory and consulting, especially during transformations, to establish a robust cybersecurity framework. Out services ensures ensure smooth transition, from the design & deployment stage to operations

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