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Integrated Change Management for Global Application Rollouts

One of the major challenges of global (or multi-country) application rollout projects is acceptance & adoption of change at a regional level or at local sites. While the Change Vision and Strategy is decided centrally at the HQ level by the corporate leadership, the same has to be consistently and coherently communicated to the regional level leadership, to ensure alignment between the HQ & the rollout sites.

Our OCM solution for such global application rollouts program lays specific focus on:

  • Uniform messaging from HQ Leadership to Sites and Sponsor Alignment
  • Site readiness analysis
  • Early buy-in of the global solution by local site stakeholders – Global Design vs. Local Site-specific requirements
  • Change network creation & stakeholder-focused interventions at sites
  • Benefit articulation and communication from one site to the other (Site Success Stories)
  • Feedback loop between sites and the HQ leadership to ensure continuous knowledge management and sharing of learning

Consistent and periodic communication across project execution among different levels of stakeholders, is one of the most crucial aspects of OCM in such programs.

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