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Digital consumers of today expect a hyper-connected and intuitive experience in every interaction. As a combat strategy, companies are deftly replicating successful business models to attract and win customers by “curating compelling and memorable brand experiences”. In today’s experiential economy, where experience trumps price, and consumers dictate what they want; there has been a tectonic shift toward experience-driven transformation initiatives.

Companies continue to invest in delivering compelling and unique experiences on both – the customer & employee front. Businesses that wish to stay relevant, profitable and insulated from disruption, are pivoting toward designing meaningful experiences and positioning themselves as their source of sustainable competitive advantage. LTI’s design practice has been at the forefront of enabling organizations from across industries to curate, measure and deliver compelling experiences for the digital world, leveraging design thinking and participatory design principles.

Committed to delivering business to human (B2H) experiences, LTI’s experienced and specialized design talent, is armed with professionals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. These include ethnographic researchers, design thinking consultants, product designers, industry experts, strategists and UI/UX practitioners, coming together to create an ecosystem of design-driven collaborative innovation.

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Future of Industry

We believe that breakaway enterprises do things differently – they design human-centric, imagination-led experiences that captivate our senses. Design influences cultures which shape values, and values in turn define our future. With the physical-digital convergence getting increasingly finetuned, products and services need to weave the digital seamlessly into the everyday fabric of human existence. Thanks to this convergence of technology and design, we are living in the most radical period of design history.

It is this seamless convergence that is the focus of LTI’s Design Studio. Whether it is design innovations or providing new experiences, we use it as the guiding fundamental, and create designs combined with deep technology expertise that provide a radical user experience.

Our Offerings


Innovation by Design

Leverage the power of Design Thinking to bring innovation to your service and product designs.



Service Design

We imagine and reimagine services design across multiple meaningful touchpoints, which simplify convoluted journeys across the employee, customer & partner ecosystem

Direct-to-X Strategy

We carve out context-sensitive pathways for businesses to directly reach their consumers, fans or other businesses that amplify value for all involved stakeholders

Innovation Workshops

We immerse ourselves in co-design workshops with the client to solve a particular problem, or prioritize a few from a list of opportunities to go after


Experience Design

Deep & contextual user-sensing, human touch, focused ideation to craft compelling and meaningful experiences.


Experience Strategy

Design Thinking-led strategy to enhance experience across products, processes, and  services

360 Degree Immersive Experience Design

We design illusory environments to offer immersive experiences by leaning on web, app, AR, VR, wearables, etc

Digital Commerce

We design digital experiences that setup our clients for success in today’s modern internet commerce

User Research

Helmed by our UX researchers & ethnographers, user research offers significant guidance to shape design strategies for our clients

Brand Design

Refreshing existing brand identity or creating a new one by embedding powerful & contextual design strategies to create an unparalleled brand impact.

Brand Strategy

We engage in measurable, goal-driven strategy, and its execution for our clients, to build desired perception for brand(s)

Identity Design

We curate comprehensive brand design that delivers a cohesive message around your brand’s culture, values, and position in the market

Digital Marketing Strategy

Crafting engaging digital marketing strategies

Communications Design Creatives

Illustrations, semiotics, motion graphics, print & digital media, packaging, spatial etc

Design Ecosystem

Tools and Frameworks

Domain-Specific Design Thinking Frameworks

Domain-Specific Design Thinking Frameworks

Fast-track the entire design cycle with LTI’s industry customized frameworks.

Design Thinking Toolkit for Process Reimagination

Design Thinking Toolkit for Process Reimagination

Capture your customers’ persona details effectively to ensure innovative products, addressing the market needs.

Experience Design Library

Experience Design Library

A handy tool to framing and communicate the design challenge, key focus areas, and the broader design workshop planning and execution exercise.

Customer Experience Index

Customer Experience Index

Deliver superior customer experience and keep a pulse on it during every interaction, smoothly and efficiently.

360<sup>o</sup> Experience Measurement Toolkit

360o Experience Measurement Toolkit

Measure experience across performance, navigation, content, integration and UI/UX, specific to the industry.

re.Think Healthcare’s Ecommerce

re.Think Healthcare’s Ecommerce

How can the adoption of Digital Healthcare platforms be improved in India?
Explore LTI’s Design Thinking methodology to determine the penetration of online platforms (websites and apps), thus empowering the various stakeholders who are part of a large geographical ecosystem.