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.Studio – Rapid Application Development Tool

LTI’s rapid application development tool is integrated with Eclipse, the leading open source industry-standard Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It enables the creation of ready-to-deploy, end-to-end cloud applications, using a choice of modern UI technologies, with 12-factor cloud native principles.

With .Studio, clients achieve huge productivity gains, and consistent quality of the code, using less experienced developers. It fits well into the DevOps processes of continuous integration and continuous deployment, and the code generated can be deployed onto AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, or on-premise standard hardware.


  • Integrated into the developer’s IDE
  • 15+ UI templates to support most of the functionalities.
  • Out-of-box integration, with contextual collaboration, analytics and chat.
  • Metadata-driven development (future-proof applications)
  • App generation, to support a variety of SSO technologies.
  • Supports multi-tenancy, with easy tenant-wise customization.


  • 60-70% increase in development productivity.
  • Time-to-market for new campaigns reduced by 40%.
  • Consistent and high-quality code generation.
  • Cloud-ready applications, with support for third-party integration.
  • User-friendly, with easy incorporation of new features and technology.
  • Code generated in one UI technology can be migrated to the other available UI technologies.

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