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PaaSify – Cloud Re-engineering Assistant

PaaSify is an advanced solution, which runs through the application code, and evaluates the migration of apps to cloud. The solution analyzes the code across 70+ parameters, including session objects, third-party dependencies, authentication, database connections, and hard-coded links. PaaSify is in perpetual beta, where additional rules are added as they are discovered.


  • Pluggable code analysis of applications from the repository of choice.
  • Code analysis of multiple applications.
  • Pluggable architecture for adding new features and assessment parameters.
  • Custom configuration of analysis parameters (Via XML).
  • Compatibility analysis across various parameters, including:
    • Session management, as cloud native applications need to be stateless
    • Hard-coded links and parameters
    • Third-party utilities, frameworks and connectors
    • File I/O and logging
    • Authentication for new applications
    • Database constructs and features


  • Automated migration assessment for cloud enablement, saving 70% of the analysis time.
  • Enhanced productivity, for analysis of the high volume of applications.
  • Reduced migration time & effort by almost 60%, and effectively increasing the speed for cloud native migration.
  • Fully automated assessment, and gathering of the raw data for analysis.
  • Rapid strategy and decision-making in large digital transformation initiatives.
  • Identifying application buckets for re-factoring, re-engineering and re-development, in cloud PaaS.

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