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DevOps Platform

LTI’s suite of DevOps accelerators is a one-stop DevOps Platform solution, which supports the most widely used development platforms. It integrates with multiple tools & technologies, and provides continuous integration-continuous delivery pipelines, which are automated. This solution enables an automated setup of the DevOps environment, consisting of user-selected tools, automated on-boarding of projects to this environment, generation of CI/CD pipelines, and governance across the ALM lifecycle. All this is provided through an integrated DevOps portal, with a rich user experience.


  • A technology agnostic DevOps framework, from which customized solutions and platforms can be derived, for automating end-to-end CI/CD workflows with the desired toolset integration.
  • Integrated DevOps portal, providing real-time visibility into the lifecycle of applications, along with portfolio-level business insights, and a drill-down traceability into the entire value chain.
  • Best-in-class resource utilization through transient build-test agents, spun-up dynamically and torn down after the completion of activities.
  • A successful pipeline run, resulting in a dynamically created application runtime environment.


  • 10x faster DevOps enablement.
  • Containerized for optimum infra usage and scale.
  • Self-service DevOps experience.

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