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Smart Deploy on Cloud

LTI has developed an automated tool called ‘Smart Deploy’ to enable the easy and repeatable deployment of foundational services across Azure, AWS and GCP. This also helps clients and end customers to onboard cloud services with reusable architecture pattern. The tool uses Infra-as-code logic and helps to automate the landing zone setup across single or multiple clouds, with just a few clicks. The setup employs blueprints, that capture cloud best practices for configuring security and management services to govern the cloud environment. Blueprints are available to provide network topology and configurations, identity management, centralize logging, establish security audits, define workflows for provisioning resources, and implement governance baselines.

The control panel are built using open source portal technologies. The key components of the Smart Deploy are:

  • Product and service catalog: Landing zone setup across AWS, Azure and GCP cloud.
  • Graphical visualizer: Provides view of resource dependencies and the relationships.
  • Customized forms: Restricted way to fill form and provide input parameters.
  • Orchestration and automation engine to provide workflow-based provisioning.

Smart Deploy Benefits:

  • Automated provisioning of landing zone across multi-cloud providers.
  • One-click deployment of “Granular Architecture” with customized configurations.
  • Reusable code-based deployment for similar infrastructure to save time and avoid human errors.
  • Easy way of providing inputs using flexible UI or in the excel form.
  • Consistent workflows with “Dependency aware” operations and view the topology/outputs.
  • Perform Right operations with orchestrating efficiently by standardized deployments of all resources.
  • Rollback automatically in case of any failure with better error handling and retry techniques.


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