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Cloud Platform Build & Migration

Once an enterprise adopts cloud, the next important thing to consider is migration. Migrating an enterprise’s applications to cloud is a process both lengthy and complicated. Enterprises must decide on the applications they wish to move to the cloud, and must also be cognizant of the risks involved. Establishing the right deployment topology and architecture is also key to the migration process. Ensuring smooth migration to cloud, without compromising on the performance of an application, has to be an important consideration in the migration process.

At LTI, we provide enterprises with best-in-class and flexible solutions through our comprehensive cloud services, frameworks and tools. We help clients move virtual and physical assets onto the cloud, as well as between clouds. By working closely with our clients, we understand their needs, and only then develop a cloud migration strategy that can provide them the optimum business benefits. Through our cutting-edge offerings, our clients can save the time it takes for manual migration, as well as the expense of rebuilding applications on the cloud. Our team of dedicated SMEs helps lift server workloads directly from the existing environments and deploy into a new environment, while maintaining the security of our clients’ business.

Services Offered

  • Public, private or hybrid cloud design; build & migrate
  • Creation of reference architecture
  • Pilot migrations with pre-migration testing
  • Cloud-based consumption
  • Cloud mediation

Key Features

  • LTI frameworks and IPs deliver migrations over 30% faster than the traditional models
  • Factory services deliver execution on a predictable consumption-based model
  • Cloud orchestration software provides scalability for flexible workloads
  • 700+ blueprints, predefined templates, and 1000 workflows with plugin models

Business Benefits

  • Allows enterprises, system integrators and service providers to unlock the benefits of migration faster and more predictably
  • Provides clarity and control of risks and costs
  • Reduces time for business case and cloud cost analysis by 40%
  • LTI accelerates migration timescales by >30%
  • What-if scenario modeling allows you to explore different models, costs and timescales
  • Delivers a maintainable end-state environment
  • Transfers the traditional challenges of migrations to specialists while you retain complete control

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