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Cloud Operation & Management Services

Cloud adoption is only profitable if the results it delivers are tangible. Rogue IT and disparate cloud initiatives hinder the overall productivity of cloud applications. It is therefore crucial to streamline cloud operations and develop proper standards. Management of application design is another key component, which enterprises must consider.

LTI’s Cloud Operations and Management Services are built on an Adaptive Converged Cloud Ops Model, powered by Cognitive Intelligence Platform and Cloud Brokerage Platform. This model helps eliminate skill-based layering in cloud operation, which creates multiple process & execution silos, improves service delivery performance due to fragmentation, and reduces stagnated IT costs due to exhausted labor arbitrage & traditional productivity improvement methods.

Services Offered

  • 24X7 monitoring & administration
  • Server and OS management on cloud
  • Database design, implementation & operations
  • Storage & backup management
  • User and security management
  • Billing & chargeback
  • Consolidated SLA management and billing
  • LOB integration & orchestration
  • Next generation operations

Key Features

  • Software enrichment operations for event correlation, auto escalation, automated resolution, predictive analytics & dynamic dashboarding, powered by Cognitive Intelligence Platform
  • 24X7 command-centric, with centralized operations
  • A purpose-built cloud-agnostic hybrid solution, with focus on developer productivity and self-service, powered by Cloud Brokerage Platform
    Proven cloud aggregation and management platform, built on a deep cloud services experience

Business Benefits

  • Cross-functional L1.5 team to enable faster response time –Lower MTTR
  • Key SME to provide direct hyper-care support for critical events
  • SIAM Lead to co-ordinate across resolver groups and manage OLAs
  • Converged CloudOps has the single point of ownership for all incidents
  • Dashboards providing real-time information on a multi-cloud Infrastructure landscape

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