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Azure Containerization and Orchestration

With our strong focus on containerization backed by our technical expertise, accelerators and toolkits, we help customers reap the benefits of the Azure container-as-a-service offerings, while continuously transforming and modernizing the workloads.

LTI consultants help design application modernization roadmap aligned to the business imperatives, which includes Lift-and-Shift to containers, deploying microservices to AKS through secure CI/CD pipelines and designing enterprise-grade clusters on Azure.

Services offered

  • Container assessment and analysis using Azure Migrate and LTI RapidAdopt
  • Containerization and orchestration through Azure Kubernetes services
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning for container ecosystem
  • DevSecOps blueprinting and enablement using Azure DevOps
  • Strengthen cloud governance using Azure policies and OPA
  • Container security and data protection
  • End-to-end application lifecycle management

Key features

  • Rapid assessment and migration of applications to container services.
  • Accelerated Application Modernization and Transformation using Decision Making Metrics.
  • Enterprise-level tool ecosystem for 360-degree visibility into application lifecycle.
  • Reusable templates/scripts and frameworks across the container lifecycle, aligned with industry best practices.

Key benefits

  • Tool-driven containerization assessment for faster business decisions and adoption.
  • Seamless migration of containers to Azure with increased portability.
  • Achieve greater efficiency with automated rollouts and rollbacks across the entire lifecycle.
  • Accelerated Go-to-Market by leveraging modern DevSecOps practices for containers.
  • Reduced migration time and effort through effective cloud-native migration tools.
  • Unified approach with process and tool standardization across the organization.
  • Improved availability and reliability with more secured containerized environment.
  • Use of reusables templates, scripts and artifacts for faster onboarding.

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