Security Operations

Enabling businesses to identify, prioritize, and respond to threats faster and better by applying security process automation.

Conquer digital risks and cyber threats with a scalable solution that evolves with your needs.

With the meteoric growth of digital, cyber threats are now a part of the new normal. It has become increasingly critical for organizations to have a robust security strategy in place more than ever, especially with remote teams and cloud-based operations. The widening gap between the security and IT teams and the significantly long detection to response times have left organizations vulnerable to serious security breaches.

With LTI capabilities in security operations, powered by ServiceNow, get the power to map threats, security incidents, and vulnerabilities to your business. Get the visibility to demonstrate the security organization channel’s effectiveness accurately, ensure a speedy and consistent response, and prioritize alerts and vulnerabilities to improve time to remediation and reduce the backlog.

Leverage the ServiceNow security operations to orchestrate, automate, and respond effectively to help security and IT teams optimize and speed up proactive action.

Increase security operations efficiency
  • Manage vulnerabilities and automate response to security incidents for faster resolution
  • Reduce number of incidents and outages and the time for IT to triage, escalate, and resolve
Rationalize systems (Redirect Current Spend)
  • Use ServiceNow to lower the number of security and GRC solutions
  • Redirect the savings to more strategic priorities
Increase GRC Efficiency: First line of control
  • Ensure real-time visibility
  • Enable business continuity management
  • Implement policy and compliance management

Accelerate Your Journey to a Modern Digital Enterprise with ServiceNow

  • Faster security response through automated incident/ vulnerability management
  • Integrated security operations dashboard
  • Implement risk management & compliance management processes
  • Co-relate threat intelligence for an accelerated response
  • Improve risk assessment through risk calculator framework
  • Run regular audits to maintain enterprise compliance
  • Ensure a single platform experience covering IT, security, risk management, compliance & governance
  • Provide executive-level dashboards for each persona & process

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