Revamping Employee Experience

Building a seamless environment with cross-functional digital workflows for increased employee engagement and the future of work.

Unlock value by delivering the right digital employee experience from anywhere.

As work becomes more complex with people changing jobs and roles frequently, today’s employees want a simplified, consumer-like experience at work. And while modern HR functions have organized themselves into service delivery teams, they require the right tools to seamlessly manage and streamline all interactions for a superior employee experience.

Some of the biggest challenges for HR teams include effective onboarding of new hires and enabling them to ramp up rapidly, ensuring that all employees can access critical information with ease from a single source, and help managers track ongoing activities seamlessly. LTI’s employee experience solutions powered by ServiceNow enables employees to be productive from day one and motivated throughout.

To help you deliver superior employee engagement, LTI offers employee experience solutions that simplify access to services, streamline transitions, and optimize service delivery.

Improve shared services and HR efficiency
  • Enable shift-left strategy by automated self-service
  • Reduce costs and improve agent productivity
Drive enterprise productivity
  • Safe workplace: Emergency workforce management to resume operations
  • Reduce time on transitions (including onboarding and offboarding)
Consolidate systems and IT assets
  • Centralize employee service centre with omnichannel communication
  • Decommission legacy HR systems reducing infrastructure footprint and lowering costs
Increase engagement index of employees
  • One-click survey for prompt feedback
Sentiment analysis for personalized service
  • Portal enrichment through DELIP strategy
  • Engage employees for new ideas through idea portal
  • Align ideas to project execution strategy

Accelerate Your Journey to a Modern Digital Enterprise with ServiceNow

  • Self-service resolution from anywhere
  • Consistent and connected service experience
  • ServiceNow as the one-stop for all employee queries
  • Consumer-grade self-service
  • Rapidly orchestrated resolutions for complex issues
  • Proactive service based on learning preferences
  • AI-informed actions and assistance
  • Online document management
  • Employee service center

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