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As a ServiceNow customer, we help you modernize and improve legacy ITSM solutions. We consolidate the ITSM infrastructure, replacing costly, poorly integrated suites or disconnected tools with a unified, cost-effective and cloud-based ITSM solution, where everything works together seamlessly out-of-the-box in a much-simplified way. Thus, we help you accelerate service delivery by automating a wide range of end-to-end service delivery processes, dramatically increasing productivity, responsiveness, and delivery quality and accuracy.

Services Offered:

  • ITSM assessment
  • Implementation of the ITSM platform
  • CMDB design and population of defined scope
  • Service catalog rationalization
  • Upgrade to newer versions

Key Benefits:

  • Standardized processes consolidation with integration and automation
  • Deflection of incidents via self-service knowledge
  • Populated and trustworthy configuration data aligned to incidents and changes
  • Increased accuracy of configuration information
  • Improved delivery of requests through service catalog rationalization

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