IT Experience Transformation

Creating an environment that streamlines and automates the IT service needs of your teams is the smart way forward for businesses.

Discover how you can empower employees to get help anytime, anywhere for increased productivity.

All it takes is consolidating IT legacy systems and operations and delivering them through a single platform for enhanced experiences. And LTI’s IT Service Management (ITSM), powered by ServiceNow, makes it look easy. With a simple, easy-to-use IT ticketing platform, we offer users digital workflows on a single, unified platform to access scalable services that transform their IT needs’ speed and delivery.

Partnering with LTI for your ITSM eliminates slow response times and enhances service visibility by improving overall IT efficiency, minimizing outages, consolidating IT systems and assets, and driving business productivity. Enable your IT support teams to free up the time taken for repetitive tasks to undertake more productive projects, provide complete transparency for any service request, and accelerate time to resolution.

Leverage LTI’s transformation levers enabled by ServiceNow to drive growth, ensure business continuity, and augment employee productivity.

Streamline IT services
  • Apply intelligent automation for accelerated service delivery
  • Improve agent efficiency with a dedicated workspace
Minimize outages and business impact
  • Automate escalation management
  • Introduce operational intelligence for business impact analysis and better FCR
  • Ensure faster upgrades through automated testing
Consolidate IT systems and assets
  • Automate change and release operations of DevOps lifecycle
  • Consolidate platforms and do away with silos within the organization
  • Leverage the power of the cloud for self-service, on-demand, and automated processes
Increase enterprise productivity
  • Automate support for common employee requests
  • Enable mobile self-service experience for better agent productivity
  • Get real-time visibility through a digital dashboard

Accelerate Your Journey to a Modern Digital Enterprise with ServiceNow

  • Self-service and automation to deliver productivity savings
  • Integrated tools, standard data model
  • Rationalized Service Catalog boosting User experience
  • AI elevates resilience by detecting and resolving issues
  • Single system of action improves control and execution
  • Workflow automates planning and mitigates enterprise risks
  • Predictive analytics steers strategy and execution
  • Outcome-based model

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