Custom Application Development

Rebooting the way you build applications for faster time-to-market and creating experiences that users love. Build apps to streamline common workflows and automate low-value tasks.

Maximize RoI and Deliver apps that businesses need faster and better.

How can the modern enterprise build custom applications with limited resources and an ever-increasing backlog? Discover how you can now eliminate manual processes and legacy applications and lower the time and cost of migrating existing systems to an advanced platform.

LTI helps you leverage the ServiceNow platform’s low-code development nature to build affordable, scalable, and future-ready applications to meet your business needs. From enabling platform owners to utilize platform capabilities with custom applications to lower license costs and empowering employees with a unified platform for all applications, to helping app owners retire legacy applications and integrating solutions on a single platform, our solution powered by ServiceNow is your answer to easy custom app development.

Maximize efficiency and agility with tailor-made apps developed in the ServiceNow Platform to help your business store information and manage business processes.

Improve application and infrastructure spend management
  • Portal design for enhanced user experience
  • Persona-based, dynamic,and intuitive workflows
Rationalize systems (Redirect current spend)
  • Use ServiceNow to reduce the number of legacy solutions
  • Redirect the funds to more strategic priorities
Verticalized solutions
  • ServiceNow on IoT (SIoT): Integration with the plant command center
  • Anti-piracy solution to track records and metadata of programs and telecasts

Accelerate Your Journey to a Modern Digital Enterprise with ServiceNow

  • Utilize native ServiceNow platform capabilities
  • Use ServiceNow data & custom app engine to replace legacy applications
  • Automate processes using simple UI-based flow designers
  • Create and migrate custom processes on the ServiceNow platform
  • Leverage single data model for IT processes combined with custom processes
  • Secure custom processes data through scoped applications
  • Implement complex applications to expand ServiceNow capability & usability
  • Make ServiceNow the one-stop-shop for all processes
  • Enable custom processes to integrate with other tools by leveraging ServiceNow integration endpoints

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