By Transforming Ways of Working

LTI-ServiceNow will

Accelerate Your Journey to a Modern Digital Enterprise

Reinvigorate your operations for unmatched IT, customer, and employee experience and exponential business value. LTI helps seamlessly deploy your ServiceNow digital-first strategy to optimize processes, connect people, functions, and systems, minimize complexity, and deliver engaging user experiences.

Scale and transform your enterprise by

leveraging LTI ServiceNow capabilities


10+ years of services in Enterprise Tools Management

100+ implementations across Fortune 500 clients

High customer satisfaction scores – 4.54 out of 5

Key Focus Areas: ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, HRM, CSM, IRM, SecOps and platform management services

Modern Digital Workflows for Exponential Business Outcomes

Business and Persona-Centric Design
– Connect customers to employees to IT
– Measure success from users’ point of view
– Develop industry Specific applications
– Leverage a “new age” SaaS architecture
– Ensure seamless integrations with all enterprise systems
– Enable continuous delivery with an evergreen platform
– Minimize need to code customer apps for unique needs
– Protect investments already made
– Think security in everything you do: all modules, products, and life cycle stages
– Ensure high levels of baseline security customized to your needs
– Leverage IT as a business enabler
– Encourage Agile and DevOps mindset in all operations
– Promote a mobile-first approach

Innovative digital solutions are changing the way businesses operate and work. LTI has a strong experience and expertise in ServiceNow solutions that has been instrumental in helping modernize workflows for our customers. Together, we have delivered cutting-edge solutions that are driving digital transformation and future-ready enterprise.

Our 200+ ServiceNow consultants and developers have successfully completed over 100 implementations across Fortune 500 customers, including 50+ unique integrations, and handled 10 million+ CIs and assets for clients with multiple data source.