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Software Defined Storage

Software-defined storage (SDS) creates and provides data center services to replace or augment traditional storage arrays. It can be deployed as a virtual machine, container or as software on a bare-metal x86 industry standard server, allowing organizations to deploy a storage-as-software package. SDS creates a storage platform that can be accessed by file, block or object protocols.

Solution Description

  • Software defined storage can be deployed on hyperconverged infrastructure
  • It uses x86 processors, SSD disk and high throughput network to deliver the storage performance and throughput, comparable to mid-range / enterprise storage arrays
  • SDS can be used for most of the workloads like server virtualization, archiving, big data analytics & unstructured data, etc.

Value Proposition Offered

  • Clients deploying SDS will have a better TCO, Capex & Opex benefits on specific workload.
  • SDS increases flexibility and programmability, which supports its value proposition for next-gen applications requiring speed and agility.

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