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Next Gen Database & Middleware Operations

LTI Database and Middleware Solutions comprise a wide range of offerings that provide maximum flexibility to our clients across the globe. In times when data and data-driven decisions have a direct relation to the top-line and bottom-line of a business, efficient database & middleware management systems have become an inevitability. As the cost involved in traditional ways of data & middleware platform management and product deployment continue to rise, organizations are looking for an efficient system that is agile, scalable, reliable, cost-effective and ensures a better user experience. These services include consulting, managed operational support, build & migration.

Our commitment of a continuous transformation roadmap for the client encompasses continuous improvement in the areas of tools, technology, people & processes. Our AI-based automation focuses on proactive event management, self-healing, reduction /elimination of tickets, high operational efficiency and user experience. We also implemented Advanced Compression Option (ACO), which helped customers maximize resource utilization and reduce costs, thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our Solution comprises of Database Security that can manage vaults and review reports to help business owners to authorize exceptions and enable monitoring. Further it has Information Security Management module to conduct internal audits and remediate any audit finding.

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    Solutions & Key Features

    Migrate Enterprise RDBMS to Open Source

    Migrate Enterprise RDBMS to New age database

    Design a holistic roadmap for successful migration from enterprise RDBMS like Oracle or MS SQL Server to Postgres, MongoDB & many more. Our experts provide comprehensive analysis, organizational readiness assessment, agile migration plan, risk mitigation strategies and execution with safest path for enterprises to achieve their strategic new age database adoption, lower total cost of ownership and gain vendor flexibility.

    Rapid Upgrade / Migrate

    Microsoft Continuous DB upgrade

    LTI enables enterprises to keep Microsoft Windows Server & SQL database platform current and compliant in alignment with Microsoft’s support lifecycle plan. This allows enterprises to schedule upgrades in a flexible manner and align them with their application release cycle and other dependencies in the application environment. This solution automates and consolidates numerous steps into a well-defined process and activity framework, which are otherwise executed manually and prone to human error.

    Digital Database Operations

    Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

    LTI DBaaS enables enterprises to manage their multi-database engine environment in a completely agile, scalable and cost-effective manner. It allows managing databases just-in-time, without the need for having any prior database software or associated hardware knowledge thereby speeding up application releases. LTI DBaaS not only helps management of diverse sets of databases from a single platform, but also delivers significant cost benefit by efficiently re-purposing existing servers and storage. It does this by providing an on-demand access to infrastructure in a scalable, metered and self-service model. LTI DBaaS specializes in provisioning, lifecycle management and operational support of database services.

    LTI Edge: Value Propositions


    Digital database operations for cost reduction with effective utilization of hardware, software and operators’ resources.

    Automated operations to cut efforts for activities like cloning, backup & provisioning by 35%.

    Rapid Upgrade solutions bring in more agility.

    Resource optimization with automated lifecycle management with digital database operations.