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LTI’s Digital Hybrid Infrastructure Platform (DHIP)

Powered by IBM Cloud Pak for Multi-cloud Management

Market Exigency

IT is going through a major paradigm shift in modernization of legacy applications and infrastructure to cloud. This change is drawing organizations across various industries to adapt digital transformation and move towards cloud- native technologies quickly and efficiently. Organizations are facing challenges not only while formulating the strategies, but also while engaging the operations for this evolutionary move.

Practices such as DevSecOps, SRE, and Lean startup methodology are indispensable to digital transformation. Adoption and implementation of these practices are posing various challenges to enterprises –

  • No centralized visibility
  • Disparate cloud components
  • Siloed development, security and operations
  • Difficulty in modernization of legacy workloads to cloud-native

Enterprises need to have a platform that can provide an end-to-end visibility of their legacy and cloud infrastructures and applications. This platform should also provide a clear modernization roadmap to cloud-native.


LTI’s Digital Hybrid Infrastructure Platform provides a comprehensive solution for the enterprises to manage their Hybrid Cloud/ Multi-Cloud environment in a complete App-centric way.

An Enterprise-grade Cloud Management engine as a core, in the form of IBM CP4MCM, is built on top of a robust OpenShift Kubernetes Platform. The platform has integrated toolset to drive end-to-end app and infra management over any kind of Virtualized (Virtual Machine) and Containerized (Kubernetes clusters) infrastructure across private and public cloud platforms.

A strong ecosystem of add-ons for each layer of Hybrid IT (application, data, security & infrastructure), which provides a promising path for application modernization.

Out-of-the-box integrations with all applications/ tools with the help of our accelerated adoption framework, matured operation services and client-centric approach, makes it a full-proof solution for enterprises.


One-stop solution for all your hybrid cloud management issues


  • Manage clusters across on-premise, private and multiple public clouds. Manage application lifecycle across clusters in a multi-cloud environment.
  • Automate provisioning, scaling of infrastructure and application resources by enabling Infrastructure-as-Code and service automation.
  • Monitor infrastructure & applications with proactive monitoring of services, event management to bring in Dev & Ops team together to solve incidents.
  • Discover, manage and allow compliance on consumed infrastructure, allow chargeback with rate card & self-service catalog based on IT automation.
  • Modernize applications with cloud-native capabilities by transforming to containerized workloads.
  • Accelerating DevSecOps velocity with integrated DevOps toolchains, automated delivery pipeline, consistent security & compliance governance.


  • 60% increase in developer productivity
  • Improvement in the quality of the release, and time-to-market shortened by enabling DevSecOps capabilities.
  • Reduced costs of security breaches (Average US breach cost USD 8.2 million and takes 279 days to contain).
  • Increased SRE productivity, IT operations productivity by extreme automation.
  • Increased productivity of compliance teams.
  • Enhanced predictability, minimized risks.
  • Unified management across platform, cost visibility & optimization.

Key Differentiators

Provide end-to-end integrated operations

With LTI’s ConvergedOps, a comprehensive operating model, transform legacy siloed operation to completely adaptive and integrated cloud operations.

Open pluggable core MCM engine

Smooth Integration of your existing apps and tools with the cloud management platform.

Intelligent monitoring and problem resolution using Mosaic AIOps

LTI Mosaic AIOps brings intelligent event correlation and AI capabilities that offer predictive analysis and automated resolution.

Integrated IT management that provides Agile app modernization

Latest technology platform, which enables to have integrated DevSecOps, SRE, and provides a flexible, cloud-native transformation roadmap.

Platform openness

Platform built on Robust Kubernetes container platform RHOCP, which is a market leader. With this, you can manage any cloud and your own infrastructure without any vendor lock in issues.

Consistent governance with policy-based control

Automate policies using policy as-a-code and ensure consistent governance across your infrastructure.

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