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Hybrid Network Services – (Cloud + SDN + NFV + Legacy)

LTI’s Hybrid network services enable enterprises in designing, deploying and managing networks by leveraging best-in-breed technology and solutions interconnecting different network segments including campus, datacenters, branch and public cloud in a flexible, cost-effective manner. Our network solutions are geared towards converting business intent into connectivity requirements that can be realized using physical and virtual networks as necessary to deliver a highly abstracted, intent-driven network that can easily scale vertically in function and horizontally in scale. ​

Our SDN and NFV portfolio of network services provide a host of consulting, advisory and transformation services aimed at enabling enterprises to move to a software-defined paradigm of network management and to reduce the physical footprint of the networks.

We have in-house IP and accelerators, as well as partnerships with major OEMs that power our SDN/NFV deployments making it a smooth experience for adoption and operations.

Our Campus network services enable enterprise campuses to move towards integrated, wired and wireless networks with mobility and security in a high available manner. In addition, the network is abstracted to higher layers (Network-as-a-Code) to achieve high degree of automation and service orchestration. Our branch network services aim to deliver the plug-&-play branch with very low physical footprint and eliminate need for resident IT staff at the branches for day-to-day operations. We significantly reduce new branch deployment times without compromising on needed features such as Security, SDWAN, Wi-Fi, etc.​​

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    Solutions & Key Features

    Software-defined Campus

    Software-defined Campus

    Translate campus network requirements leveraging technology like DNA for segmentation, routing, security, wireless and guest connectivity in software – simplify management of large campuses and reduce manual intervention in day-to-day tasks

    ACI-powered Datacenter solutions

    ACI-powered Datacenter solutions

    Deploy state-of-the-art SDN in the Datacenter that supports high level of automation and service chaining. Extend the ACI fabric across Datacenters and to cloud using multi-site ACI solutions. Extend the ACI to northbound systems using API.​

    Branch-in-a-box solutions

    Branch-in-a-box solutions

    Simplify branch architecture using NFV by implementing network functions such as firewall, switching, Wan Op and SDWAN in software. Reduce deployment times significantly and the need for IT staff at the branches.

    LTI Edge: Value Propositions


    Hitless upgrades – in-service upgrades with high availability

    Operations automation framework for dynamic deployment of network changes

    Physical to virtual transformation roadmap, allowing for major cost savings on networks

    Partner ecosystem including all major network OEMs and several tool partners for automation and orchestration, as well as network monitoring