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Enterprise Storage & Data Protection

LTI Storage solutions address challenges in enterprise IT like exponential data growth, changing demands for skills, rapid digitalization and globalization of business, connection with the Hybrid IT landscape and maintaining data privacy and compliance. Our storage solutions are robust, scalable, simple and performant. They are deployed as a flexible storage platform capable of enabling hybrid cloud data flow at the edge, and in the public cloud IaaS.

As data grows, data protection becomes more crucial to protect the data in this cloud era, SaaS and IaaS providers typically offer infrastructure resiliency and availability to protect their systems from site failures. However, there are chances of data loss due to infrastructure failure or other reasons like software corruption & malicious attack, recoverability of such critical data is essential for smooth functioning of business.

Thus, it’s advisable to choose a data protection tool to back-up your OnPrem and Cloud workload, including SaaS applications like O365 &, etc.

Our solutions deployed in the client’s environment are based on new-age technology like Software-defined Storage, NVMe, Hybrid cloud backup, Continuous data protection & replication, etc. For setups having Hybrid connectivity with complex data flow between OnPrem, Private & Cloud computing, it is necessary to design storage solutions that will leverage public cloud for data processing while maintaining long-term data storage at OnPrem. Hybrid cloud storage – layered between on-premises, public cloud and edge – needs a consistent look and feel.

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    Solutions & Key Features

    Hybrid Cloud Storage

    Hybrid Cloud Storage

    LTI’s implementation for Hybrid Cloud storage enables flexible processing & cost optimization of Data Storage. It can realize cloud bursting capabilities and other potential benefits, and acts as a bridge connecting edge, on-premises and public cloud ecosystems.

    Software-defined Storage

    Software-defined Storage

    Deployed as a virtual machine, container or as software on a bare-metal industry standard server provides benefits of storage implementation across a wide range of workloads with most common use case as storage for virtual machines, distributed file /object & hybrid cloud.

    Hybrid / Multi-Cloud Backup

    Hybrid / Multi-Cloud Backup

    Deployment of single architecture spanned across OnPrem/Private cloud & public cloud environment to protect data. It can be standalone or implemented a BaaS with multiple architectural components like Disk, Tape and Cloud tiered backup can be deployed.

    Continuous Data Protection

    Continuous Data Protection

    It is an approach to continuously capture and transmit changes to applications, files and/or blocks of data based on RPO & RTO considerations. Real-time changes are journaled or replicated to a local or remote storage target. As it provides desired RPO, it can be used for backup/recovery, disaster recovery and data migration.

    LTI Edge: Value Propositions


    Storage management & fulfillment for various categories like File, Block & Object.

    Multi-cloud backup strategy provides protection of data across environments with centralized strategy.

    Modernization of storage & backup environment to Software-defined storage to bring in agility, flexibility & modular growth to achieve transformational results.

    Data Replication & Disaster recovery orchestration, with tools that can work across multiple sites.